Timber Mezzanine Floors

Generally, we will only build timber mezzanine floors in a domestic or commercial application where the entire structure is made from treated structural pine timber. This style of mezzanine floors has a very warm feel to it and can change the entire look of an interior or exterior space. The decking itself can be shutter ply which is quite versatile as it can be carpeted, tiled, laminated or just left natural with a sealer on top. Alternatively we will use pine tongue in groove timber decking which is a more expensive option to the shutter ply yet if you want the natural solid wood deck finish then this is the most economical option. The more exotic solid wood option, for example, oak for interior or garapa for exterior is more durable but can become quite pricey.

Timber Decking

The staircase is generally made from standard structural pine which has a maximum width of 220mm once planed. According to regulations you need a minimum tread width of 250mm, so depending on what you are using the staircase for (public or private use, loft storage or entertainment area) you may need to use laminate beams instead. The most common laminate beam width for the use of threads will be the 297mm. With this tread depth you can have a 40 or 35 degree angle staircase. The width of the staircase will determine the thickness of the tread.

Various styles of railings for staircases and mezzanine floors are available or can be custom designed for the client. The use of a combination of different types and sizes of wood can be quite striking. Various standard timber sizes are available. The standard height of a handrail is one meter but it is possible to take this higher in order to create a screen.

For more examples have a look at our portfolio.

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