Steel & Timber Mezzanine Floors

This combination steel and timber floor is our most common type of mezzanine floor construction. The main supporting structure is steel with a timber deck. We generally use square tube columns with I-beam or universal bearer beams and lip channel joists. The timber deck can be either pine shutter ply decking or pine tongue in groove decking. The entire staircase is also steel with steel checker plate treads. Our standard galvanized industrial hand and knee rail is most commonly used.

There are some variations to this steel and timber mezzanine floor design; for example, we can use H-beams as columns. It is made of a thicker steel material and is a better choice when building in an area where vehicles will be driven as it is less likely to take as much damage as the hollow sections if accidentally bumped. We do also provide steel safety barriers as an extra precaution if necessary. The main bearer beams can be welded steel girders if the span is very long. The joists can be I-beams, lip channels or timber beams depending on the span, carrying capacity and general design or look of the structure. We sometimes use IPE joists when the carrying capacity is more than 500kg’s/sqm and the joist span is greater than five meters as there is less deflection than with the lip channel joists.

Exterior Mezzanine Floors

The centres of the joists are normally 480mm when we use the 21mm shutter ply timber decking but this will vary if the thickness of the timber deck changes as in the case of an exterior mezzanine floor where we would use a 19mm hardwood timber deck or according to the engineer’s specifications. Our staircase treads can also be steel grating or even timber although the timber tread options is normally not used in an industrial application. Depending on the application of the staircase, there are different widths and angles available. There are also various other options available for the handrail designs ranging from steel welded rails with stainless steel cables to timber or a steel and timber combination.

For more examples have a look at our portfolio.

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