Steel Grating Decking

The most durable type of industrial steel decking is the steel grating deck. This is normally hot dipped galvanized and can also be banded after cutting to size. By banding the deck you add a steel flat bar ‘border’ which rounds it off neatly although it is not necessary for the structural integrity of the deck. The full size of this steel grating deck comes in a standard size of 1200 x 2400 but can be cut to any size from there. The joist spacing’s are also further apart in this system depending on carrying capacity. This galvanized deck is useful when used in conjunction with a sprinkler system as only one level of sprinklers are necessary and the same applies for the lights. The steel grating deck can carry much heavier point loads than the other steel decking and is preferable when loading heavy machinery onto the mezzanine level.

Steel Floor Construction

The main supporting structure of the steel mezzanine floor construction consists entirely out of steel components. The columns are generally either square tube sections or H-beams which has a base plate, for fixing to the existing concrete floor, and top plate, for fixing to the main bearer beams. In some cases it is possible to fix the mezzanine structure directly to the structure of the building by either attaching to the existing steel columns or the walls of the building. This generally allows you to eliminate a few extra columns.

The main bearer beams are generally steel universal or I-beams which come in various sizes depending on the span and carrying capacity. These bearer beams can also be custom designed girders if the span of the beam is very large. The steel joists are either welded or bolted to the main beams and can be lip channel or I-beams. The span and carrying capacity of the joists will determine its size and the thickness of the decking will determine the centres of the joists. The steel decking is then screwed or welded to the joists.

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