Steel Mezzanine Floors

A steel mezzanine floor is where the structure as well as the surface deck is made of steel. You can get closed or solid steel decking such as checker plate or ‘Vastrap’ decking or just plain steel sheets. Then there is the open grid and grating deck which allows for better airflow and light distribution.

This type of solid steel decking has a raised pattern on the top side of the steel sheet thereby creating a non-slip surface on which to walk. These checker plate steel sheets can be welded together to provide a totally impervious steel floor useful in environments that demand high levels of cleanliness. Other than painted or galvanized ‘Vastrap’ decking, you also get this type of steel decking in aluminium and stainless steel. In cases where you use a pallet jack or other trolleys on the steel mezzanine, it is advisable to go with the smooth surfaced solid steel sheets as it is easier for the wheels to roll over an unhindered surface.

An open grid steel floor is a bolt together system consisting of steel perforated plates bent up into a C-type channel which is arranged in a staggered manner on the steel supporting joists similar to the way you would lay tongue in groove timber decking. The dimensions of these steel ‘planks’ are 229mm wide x 50mm high x 2438mm long. They bolt onto the steel joists with a unique steel bracket and they bolt to each other to create a strong inter-connected steel mezzanine. This steel floor system is also available in closed steel decking which is easier to install than the solid heavy steel sheets but as the material is only 1.6mm thick it is not advisable to use a pallet jack or trolley on this steel mezzanine.

Steel grating is a very strong steel manufactured deck made up of welded flat bar and round bar sections creating a square grid type platform which comes in full ‘sheets’ of 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters or as small as staircase treads. It is a non-slip surface, normally galvanized, which is often used as exterior walkways and platforms. Another common exterior application is in the use of stormwater drain covers in parking lots and roads. As an interior steel mezzanine floor, its best application is in wet areas.

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