Racking Mezzanine Floors

In the case where you need shelving space underneath your mezzanine floor, we opt for the racking mezzanine floor which is built on top of a racking system. The rack components are made up of various standard sized steel end frames and beams which clip together and are secured with locking pins. The frames are bolted to the floor for extra stability. The frames have different grades according to the load you want to carry. As with the beams that come in different thicknesses. The loads can vary from 200 kg’s per shelf level to more than 2 tons. The shelf deck will be either steel or timber. With this system you will generally only be able to hand pack items onto the racking.

Double-deck Mezzanine Floors

The mezzanine deck itself can be either steel or timber. Steel beams are used to support a steel deck and timber beams will generally be used to carry a timber deck. The timber beams cannot span the long lengths that the steel beams can but is ideal for this application as the passageways between the racking are normally not more than a meter. This is therefore a cost saving as the timber beams are more cost effective over short distances than the steel beams. When using the racking mezzanine floor system it is quite easy to create a double deck mezzanine floor. The racking would simply continue up on a higher frame and at the level of the first deck you would need to cut around the frame uprights.

With this racking system we would use our standard industrial steel staircase with checker plate or ‘Vastrap’ treads in enamel finish. Our standard handrail is the industrial galvanized steel hand and knee rail which is used on the staircase as well as on top of the mezzanine floor.

For more examples have a look at our portfolio.

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