Mezzanine Rib and Block

Here is an example of our basic steel supported rib and block mezzanine floor. We did this project for Top Living Kitchens in Blackheath in 2019. Their existing mezzanine floor was also a concrete floor and as they wanted it to follow through with tiled flooring we went with the more solid and rigid option of Rib and block.

This is a much heavier dead weight than your standard steel and timber mezzanine floors thereby necessitating the heavy duty steel bearer beams underneath. The steel columns also have a larger base plate in order to spread the load more on the existing concrete floor. Once the rib and block were installed, the floor was screeded and then tiled.

We also installed the dry wall partitioning afterwards for their new office space as well as the steel industrial balustrade. The project was done in three phases namely steel, then concrete and finally partitioning which ultimately took four weeks to complete.

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