Galvanized diamond mesh fencing is an ideal and economical way to cordon off areas inside or outside a warehouse or factory. We design, manufacture and install fencing solutions for interior and exterior applications. The main columns are bolted to the floor using sleeve anchors or embedded in a concrete footing if there is no solid surface onto which to fix the base plates. The cross braces are welded between the uprights to form a sturdy barrier onto which the fencing is secured with tie wire. A ‘roof’ of fencing can also be installed as in the case of a bonded store in order to totally enclose a designated area.

We also install welded mesh fencing which is more rigid and durable. With this type of fencing we would use a square tube frame as opposed to the diamond mesh fencing which works better with the round tube framework. The finish of the diamond mesh fencing is generally galvanized whereas the welded mesh fencing would be enamel painted as there is a lot of welding on site during installation making galvanizing not viable. Other designs and styles of fencing are also possible as we can custom design and make a variety of fences or cages. Come speak to us with your design ideas and we will formulate a plan that would suite your needs.


As far as gates go, we have various types and sizes available such as your typical pedestrian single hinged gate which is the most commonly used gate, or double hinged for a wider access point. You also get stacking or sliding gates which can create a very large opening depending on your needs. In the case of store rooms which are accessed on a regular basis and needs to be manned permanently we suggest the use of a lockable serving hatch. With galvanized diamond mesh fencing as well as the welded mesh fencing we normally use slide bolts to lock the gates closed as well as fixing them in position to the floor.

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