Exterior Decking & Balconies

An exterior deck or structure needs to be protected against the elements especially in the Cape. Therefore the steel would be either primed with an etch primer and then painted with an enamel paint or galvanized which can also be painted afterwards. The timber would be treated structural pine for the main structure, if this is to be a timber structure, but the hard wood deck does not require any treatment. A typical exterior deck would consist out of a hardwood like Balau or Garapa.

Exterior decking

The hard wood exterior deck is fixed to the steel or timber beams using stainless steel screws. It is also possible to have hidden screws giving a very neat finish. To carry through the architecture of the hard wood deck, a combination of steel and timber can be used in the handrail design. You can also use the galvanized steel grating deck in an exterior application for a more industrial look and for more durability. There are various design options available for outside decks and balconies as well as exterior handrails and staircases as with our mezzanine floors.


A balcony is basically the same construction as a mezzanine deck or walkway only it is an exterior deck. With a narrow balcony it is sometimes possible to suspend the balcony from the existing building walls provided the structure is strong enough to support the extra weight. Depending on the design, the handrail could be used as part of the suspending structure thereby hanging the balcony from the rail. Balconies can also be added to buildings in a free-standing manner, as with our standard mezzanine floor construction, with its own support structure where the columns would be fixed to an existing concrete slab or new concrete footings when over a garden.

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