Dry Wall Partitioning & Ceilings

Dry wall partitioning is an economical and relatively fast and clean way to partition off areas in a domestic, commercial or industrial application. You can choose from the most basic finishes for pure functionality to the more luxurious to suite your taste with a variety of doors and windows and light fittings available. The dry wall partitioning and ceilings can be insulated against noise and temperature which is often necessary when in a factory. Double glazed windows are also available for this purpose as well as a variety of solid timber doors. We can construct your office, store room, canteen, etc on or under a mezzanine floor working around the existing building structure. Ceiling boards can be cut to fit around existing roof beams and steel columns can be boxed in if preferred.

Fire Retardant Partitions

There are essentially two types of ceilings available namely suspended or skimmed. The suspended ceiling board has an aluminium frame that is hung from the roof structure with ceiling panels that rest in the frame whereas the skimmed ceiling is fixed to a timber framework and skimmed to a smooth continuous finish as in most houses. There is also a fire retardant board available for use in high risk areas. We use these fire retardant boards to clad mezzanine floor structures with in order to achieve various fire ratings.

The columns of the mezzanine floor will be boxed in creating 300 x 300mm dry wall columns. The steel beams on the underside of the floor will also be boxed in creating a ceiling under the deck. Recessed down lights or surface mounted lights and light switches as well as plug points can be added with the wiring being done in conjunction with the installation of the ceilings and dry wall partitioning. Floor finishes such as carpeting, laminating and tiling is normally done at the end after all the painting is completed.

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