SMF Designs in the Western Cape

SMF Designs specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of steel and timber structures like mezzanine structures, suspended decks, exterior decks, pergolas, balconies, staircases and hand rails in the Western Cape. We also do a variety of fencing, shelving and racking as well as dry wall partitioning.

Below is a summary of our products and services:

A structural mezzanine floor is essentially a free-standing, usually steel, structure with a timber or steel deck on top thereby creating a second-floor level or an in-between-floor in a double volume space. Mezzanine structures can also be a suspended deck which hangs off an existing roof structure or the side of a wall provided the existing structure is strong enough to carry the extra load.

A steel mezzanine floor is where the structure as well as the surface deck is made of steel. You can get closed or solid steel decking such as checker plate or ‘Vastrap’ decking or just plain steel sheets. Then there is the open grid and grating deck which allows for better airflow and light distribution.

The most common mezzanine floor is the combination steel and timber floor where the structure is primarily steel with a timber deck. The timber can vary from shutter ply decking to tongue in groove pine flooring or even your more exotic hardwoods.

Timber mezzanine floors, where the entire structure as well as the deck is built out of timber members, are generally only built in a domestic application. In certain cases, it has been done commercially, where the architect wants to create a certain feel, but this is normally quite an expensive option.

A racking mezzanine floor is when a mezzanine deck is built on top of a shelving system. This option is used when you need to utilize the space below the deck for storage of goods.

Our standard and most economical staircase and handrail is the industrial steel staircase with checker plate treads and the galvanized steel hand and knee rail. Various other steel and timber designs are available as well as a combination of the two and with stainless steel tensioning cables.

A balcony is the same as a mezzanine floor only it is generally outside. It can have its own supporting structure or, if it is small enough, it can be suspended from the side of a building. For exterior decking, a hardwood such as Balau or Garapa is ideal as it is much more durable than Pine or Meranti and it does not need to be treated.

A Pergola generally has a steel structure as with a mezzanine floor and a variety of tops ranging from completely sealed corrugated and IBR roof sheeting to shade cloth.

We offer a wide variety of steel shelving and racking to optimize your storage needs. There are 2 different types of light duty steel shelving being bolt together, steel office shelving and the light duty, clip together, racking with either a timber or steel deck available in many different standard sizes. The pallet racking is also available in many standard sizes and can be used with pallets for forklift loading or timber decks for hand packing. The cantilever system can be an adjustable or fixed, welded system to suit your needs.

We install galvanized diamond mesh fencing as well as the welded mesh fencing in different lengths and heights along with a variety of different gates. We will also custom design and make any steel partitioning to suit your needs.

To provide a turnkey operation, we provide drywall partitioning and ceiling services along with electrical work, carpeting, tiling and minor building work.

For more examples have a look at our portfolio.

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