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We completed this 410sqm structural mezzanine floor in Piketberg at the end of 2014. It took a team of 3 people to complete this steel and timber deck in less than a week. We worked in harmonious conjunction with various other contractors and the project was completed without a hitch. The plans had very specific measurements, worked out on GPS co-ordinates, to which we had to work as the production machinery was to be shipped and fitted at a later date and had to fit into and around our structure perfectly. We also had to make provisions for later additions to the production line where the floor has removable sections for future shoots.

The forklift loading area was later fitted with 2mm steel sheets and a heavy duty angle iron on the edge of the floor with a D-section rubber barrier to protect against the forklift and loaded pallets. This installation uses lip channel bolted on top of the bearer beams as in certain areas it was necessary to cantilever the joists over by about a meter. When cantilevering the joists or even the main bearer beams you tend to use less columns thereby having more free space under the mezzanine floor.

We use the lip channel in this way if there is no height restriction as it does take up more space in the thickness of the deck but is also very fast to install as everything just bolts together. The 21mm shutter ply pine timber deck is fixed to the lip channel joists at 480 centres with self drilling screws. The decking can be covered afterwards with carpeting, rubber matting, tiles or polyurethane sealer or it can be left just as is.

Our typical industrial handrails are the galvanized steel hand and knee rail that comes in easily assembled components which we either rivet together on site or spot weld and cold galv afterwards. The posts of the handrail are bolted to the main steel structure of the deck. This structural mezzanine floor was designed to carry a load of 400kg’s/sqm and is used as a packing area in the fruit industry.

Additional Info

Where: Piketberg
When: December 2014
Size: 410 sqm
Use: Packaging Store
Load: 400 kg’s/sqm

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