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A total of six separate structural mezzanine floors were built at the Epping branch of Unique Hydra. Three of the floors are being used for office space and the other three for storage of various materials and stock. This project was commissioned in two stages. We completed the first five mezzanine floors in 2011 and the last one which was for additional office space was completed in 2015. Due to their particular roof design, we had to modify some of the roof trusses in order to create an unobstructed walkway on top of the mezzanine.

The decking surface is typically 21mm shutter ply boards which they covered with carpeting in the office areas and rubber matting in the storage areas. The steel staircases have a checker plate non-slip tread surface and are built at a comfortable climbing angle of 40 degrees. The perimeter of the mezzanine floors are enclosed with either galvanized steel hand rails or dry wall partitioning. We used sub-contractors for the dry wall partitioning and electrical work to provide a turnkey service. It is often preferable to the customer to use one contractor who is VAT registered and is HSSE compliant.

Unique Hydra is a very safety conscious company and therefore asked us in addition to the design and building of the floors, to erect steel forklift barriers around the columns of the mezzanine floors where their forklifts will operate as an extra precaution. The columns are generally 100 x 100 square tube sections which are more cost effective than the optional H-beam which is occasionally requested.

Their first five mezzanine floors were designed to carry a load of 400 kg’s/sqm which would allow them to convert the offices into a storage area at a later date. The last mezzanine floor is designed specifically for office space at a load carrying capacity of 250kg’s/sqm.

Additional Info

Where: Epping Industria
When: 2011 – 2015
Size: 106, 185, 17, 16, 210 & 60 sqm
Use: Office, Store, Workshop
Load: 250 – 400 kg’s / sqm

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