Rossouw Versameling

Here we built three separate structural mezzanine floors at Johan Rossouw’s farm in the Koo Valley in 2010. They are all within the same building and comprises of a floor for staff changing rooms and toilets, another for office space and the last floor for a packing area with shoots down to a conveyor system.

We made use of the building’s steel structure in order to weld haunches onto it and in so doing eliminate about half the amount of columns needed. The two lighter duty floors, staff room and office space, were built using lip channel joists bolted to the inside of the main I-beam. This method is also preferred where there is a height limitation as the least amount of space is used in the thickness of the actual deck.

We used sub-contractors for the dry wall partitioning and electrical work to provide a turnkey service. The office space decking was later tiled using a flexible adhesive tile and grout. The heavier duty floor, which has a carrying capacity of 500kg’s/sqm, was built using IPE joists welded to the top of the main bearer beams. This method in particular was implemented here due to the triangular shape of the floor as each joist was cut to size on site to fit.

At the forklift loading area of this floor there is a 2mm thick steel sheet fixed to the top of the floor, protecting the shutter ply decking from a continuous point load of more than a ton when the pallet jack trolleys collect the off loaded pallets. This is always advisable when using a pallet jack on a 21mm thick ply timber decking.

Additional Info

Where: Montague, Koo Valley
When: November 2010
Size: 215 sqm in total
Use: Office, Canteen and Assembly work area
Load: 240 & 500 kg’s / sm

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