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SMF Designs have done extensive work for Rawson Properties’ various projects over the past few years including suspended balconies, interior and exterior staircases and ladders, interior and exterior balustrades and handrails, dividing screens, decorative screens, decking and gates.

The suspended balconies at Madison Square in Observatory was an interesting and exciting challenge. The entire installation was done from scaffolding erected around the entire perimeter of the building. We had to re-arrange the scaffolding for each section in order to access the relevant fixing points. All fixings were chemically anchored into reinforced concrete beams or columns. All steel components were pre-manufactured and galvanized before delivery to site. Everything was simply bolted together during installation. The Balau timber decking was cut to size on site and fixed to the steel as well as the concrete balconies. The balustrades by the concrete balconies were also chemically anchored to the concrete beams and columns for maximum strength.

We installed approximately 1000 meters of balustrades at Harfield Court in Kenilworth as well as staircases, roof access ladders, steel pergolas/roof structures and screens. Each staircase had to be measured separately as all the apartments’ staircases differed slightly in style and measurements. It was a challenge getting the premanufactured staircases into their relevant apartments. Some on-site modifications were necessary. The dividing screens are a combination of steel and Balau timber creating a stylish privacy barrier between the individual patios.

We did various fencing, balustrades and stairwell handrails at The Winchester in Observatory.

At Rondebosch Oval SMF Designs has installed the internal and external balustrades, staircase rails and some of the screens.

Have a look at the photos below for some of the work that was completed for Rawson Properties.

Additional Info

Where: Various
When: 2018/19/20
Size: Various
Use: Domestic living area
Load: Various

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