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This maize of steel walkways was constructed entirely of galvanized steel material as water plays a big part in the production process as well as their cleaning methods. The decking used is steel grating decking which sits inside an angle iron framework.

The treads of the staircases are also steel grating. Where the walkways mould around the tanks, the structural framework as well as the railing is bent to take the same shape in order to provide optimum use of space. The steel grating is easy enough to cut to any shape.

Galvanized steel structures are ideal in wet areas as well as any external applications. The same goes for the steel grating deck and this form of decking also has the added advantage of good ventilation and letting through light from above so the added costs of extra lighting is eliminated.

It also works well when combined with the use of a sprinkler system for fire proofing as only one level of sprinklers is necessary. This is one of the more expensive decking systems but also the one with the highest durability.

Additional Info

Where: Epping Industria
When: August 2011
Size: Various
Use: Walkways
Load: 350 kg’s / sqm

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