Olive Yard

This is a complete timber mezzanine floor that we added in between two existing concrete decks. We had to span over the kitchen and entrance foyer area, using an existing brick column/divider as a center support for the main bearer beam. The only column that we we added was by the stairwell that was created around the existing timber staircase. The main timber support beam is a pine laminated beam that is strong enough to span the required distance and carry the specified load. Onto this we attached truss brackets onto which the pine joists were bolted. We then screwed Tongue and Groove pine decking to these joists. All the timber beams and the underside of the decking was stained and sealed before arriving on site thereby minimizing the amount of ‘wet’ work on site. This also eliminated a lot of possible and unnecessary clean up time. In order to link up with the access point on the existing deck we had to branch out with a triangular platform between the new timber deck and the concrete deck and in so doing also creating more interesting lines. Before we added the handrail, we had to sand the new timber floor. This was possibly the most mess that was created during the entire installation and even then it was just a light layer of dust as we used the ‘dustless’ floor sander.

We then added the new handrail which linked up with the existing timber handrail. We had to match the existing handrail yet make it more cost effective so in order to achieve this we kept the general style the same but removed a few excess borders. The resultant difference is unnoticeable unless pointed out. The two concrete decks were also at different heights so on the one side the top of the rail matches perfectly but on the other side the top rail from the existing handrail overlaps that of the new rail which was also done in such a way as to look natural. The last task was to stain and seal the top deck. The colour of the handrail and underside of the floor structure was stained to match the existing handrail and roof structure whereas with the deck itself we went a bit darker to create a striking contrast. This later matched up with the wall cupboards that was added afterwards. All in all, a very successful project creating an added 20 square meter open living area.

Additional Info

Where: Paarl
When: May 2016
Size: 20 sqm
Use: Domestic living area
Load: 250 kg’s / sqm

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