Observatory Apartment

This is a lovely industrial apartment conversion. Our client had one big, double volume, open space in which to create a home. The only area that is cordoned off is the bathroom. The one mezzanine floor (to be the spare room) is built partially over the bathroom area and part of the living area. The other, larger mezzanine (the main bedroom) is built over the open plan kitchen area. The black and white theme runs throughout. We used steel beams for the main bearer beams, to span the width of the room and timber beams in between as the floor joists with tongue in groove pine planks for the decking. All the steel is painted black and all the timber is either painted or stained white. The balustrade’s steel main frame is bolted to the steel or timber main beams and the staircase stringers and has stainless steel cable inserts to give a light elegant feel. The staircase stringers are cut from laminated Pine beams and painted white. The treads and decking are stained white.

The only challenge we had here was not disturbing the other neighbours too much during construction which only took 1 week to complete.

Additional Info

Where: Observatory
When: Feb 2019
Size: 30 sqm
Use: Domestic living area
Load: 250 kg’s / sqm

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