This was a challenging installation as we had to work over existing shelving units and in a rather clean industrial environment with carpeted floors and white melamine chipboard shelves and steel industrial shelves. We designed the layout of the structure with consideration to the existing layout of the shelving units so that the columns corresponded with the units limiting obstruction to flow.

We also made use of the existing steel columns of the building in order to fix the supporting channel beams to it with square tube columns in between to half the span of the bearer thereby reducing the size of it making for easier installation and cost effectiveness. On the opposite wall we fixed the channel directly to a concrete beam thereby eliminating the use of more columns. The new 200sqm structural mezzanine floor linked up nicely with the old mezzanine with a difference of one step.

We worked out the load per square meter according to the type of stock that will be packed onto the steel shelving units on top. Taking the passage ways into account we worked on a load of 350kg’s/sqm which allows for the shelving units to be loaded to a maximum of 600kg’s per double, back to back unit which is more than sufficient for their current requirements.

Additional Info

Where: Westlake
When: April 2015
Size: 200 sqm
Use: Stock Store
Load: 350 kg’s /sqm

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