Crossfit - Salt River & Tokai

The Saltriver project was a fun installation with a very colourful design. The double staircase made for an interesting entrance. The one leading from the main entrance hall up to the offices and changing area from half height, the other from the top level down to the gym’s ground level. We also made use of the welded system as opposed to the bolted system due to the triangular shape of the one side by the staircases allowing us to cantilever the joists in that area.

The entire building complex had a general design criterion which we followed through with the design of the steel hand rail to match all the exterior balcony rails. The design of our standard structural steel mezzanine floors lends itself very well to the general industrial feel of the place. The extra weight that some of the gym equipment loaded onto the main beams was taken into account when designing the structure.

Even though the top floor is only going to be used for office space and changing rooms, we opted for a weight design of 300kg’s/sqm as these units are rented space and can change its general use in the future. Normally for office space we use a load carrying capacity of 250kg’s/sqm. The mezzanine deck was finished with ceramic tiles using a flexible grout and adhesive and a vibrant astro turf was used below.

The Tokai installation was a more basic floor using the bolted lip channel system which is also a faster installation process taking us only 3 days to install while the gym continued to operate.

The main beams have been cantilevered by almost a meter which in turn saves on the size and weight and therefore also price of the bearer beams as the span of the beam is less. The staircase is our standard 40 degree angle with a one meter checker plate tread. The galvanized steel hand and knee rail is also our basic industrial rail that we use most often. It is also available in 35 and 45 degrees depending on preference and space available.

Additional Info

Where: Salt River and Tokai
When: June 2014
Size: 90 sm x 2
Use: Gym
Load: 300 and 250 kg’s/sqm

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