Ave St Leon

Avenue St Leon was an incredible project that we were involved with in Bantry Bay. We started off quoting on and being awarded the task of building a mezzanine floor in the 13-car garage in the basement. We then went onto building the pool/braai patio roof structure, internal staircase handrail, timber screens, external staircase going up to the top roof and roof pergola.

The mezzanine is a 75 square meter steel and timber, industrial style mezzanine floor with the main steel beams spanning between the existing concrete columns. Including a steel staircase with industrial galvanized steel balustrades. The shutter ply timber decking was later cladded with laminated timber flooring. The mezzanine overlooks the other two thirds of the garage.

The roof structure consisted of steel rectangular tubing bolted to existing concrete and steel columns with hidden bolts as the main supporting structure. Then we added additional steel and timber beams in order to carry the Garapa timber clad ceiling below and water proofing and stone chip above.

The steel handrail mounted to the wall by the internal staircase was custom made and installed with hidden screws. Garapa timber screens are featured throughout to add privacy, shade and style. This design continues into the roof pergola.

Around the back of the house is the 7m high steel and Garapa staircase going from ground level (the main living area with garden, pool and braai) right up to the top roof. There are no columns as the staircase extends over the rear boundary stone wall which comes down at an angle. The entire staircase has been suspended from the existing structure using steel diagonal bracing as support. The treads and landings are made from laminated Garapa beams.

On the roof there is the steel and Garapa pergola with a fantastic view. Half of the pergola is waterproofed under a steel roof while the other half is more open with the timber slats above for shade. The back ‘wall’ is clad with marine ply and timber slats to tie in with the rest of the design.

Additional Info

Where: Bantry Bay
When: 2018/19
Size: Various
Use: Domestic living area
Load: 250 kg’s / sqm

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