Racking, Shelving and Fencing

We offer a wide variety of steel shelving and racking with either steel or timber decks or you could use pallets on the heavy duty racking. The timber decks can either be solid or gapped depending on preference and application. There is a variety of widths, heights and lengths available to suite your needs. The lighter duty bolt together steel shelving is easy to assemble yet time consuming whereas the racking is a very fast clip together system where the beams are secured afterwards with safety clips. For heavy duty installations, especially when over 1.8m high, it is advisable to secure the racking frames to the floor as an extra safety precaution. We can also build a mezzanine deck on top of a racking installation.

Our galvanized diamond mesh fencing ranges from 2.4 high to 6m high with 76mm galvanized steel round tube columns at 2m centres and 34mm round tube horizontal bracing. We manufacture single or double hinged gates as well as sliding gates.

For more info have a look at Shelving and Racking.

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