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A mezzanine floor or mezzanine deck is a raised steel deck or a raised combination steel and timber deck which is constructed in an existing space, being warehouse, retail, office or domestic space, to create more space by adding another level for the use of storage space, office space, recreational space, etc. It is primarily a freestanding steel constructed structure consisting of steel columns, spaced according to your needs and existing layout of your floor area, steel bearer beams and steel or timber joists on which the steel or timber decking is fixed. There are various types of steel decking available: open grid steel decks, closed or solid steel decks, ‘vastrap’ or checker plate steel decking. All of which can be either galvanized, powder coated or enamel painted. The timber or wooden decks consists of either solid pine plank decking, tongue in groove pine decking or shutter ply decking. For outside purposes we use the harder woods such as Garapa, Balau or Carri wood for the deck.

A structural mezzanine floor is the most economical way to increase your operational floor area, without having the inconvenience of relocating your entire business or part thereof. A mezzanine floor adds a second or third level thereby doubling or tripling your existing floor area. Every company wants to grow yet some get there a lot faster than anticipated or sometimes it just creeps up on you and before you know it you are bursting at the seams. All it takes is about one week of discomfort (for approximately 100 square meters of mezzanine floor space) to ease the squeeze. Or better still, you could save some cash initially by buying or renting smaller premises than what you need and add the mezzanine floor, at a fraction of the square meter purchase price, to make up the floor area that you need. Either way you will be saving money.

Our decks are specifically designed to suit your individual needs. Each new deck design is scrutinized by our registered engineers and all installations have at least one mandatory site inspection after which an engineer’s completion certificate will be issued to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Everything in the design of the mezzanine floor is variable. You can have any height, span or carrying capacity. The finishes are generally either enamel painted or galvanized for the steel work and the floor finish is either timber or steel grid but other variations are also possible. We will work around your existing structures or obstacles such as plant and equipment where possible to cause minimal disruption to your business during construction.

Structural mezzanine floors can be used in various applications including warehousing, storage space, distribution centers, company records store, production space, assembly space, parts department, bulk material storage, display area, office space, employee cafeterias, locker rooms, trade show exhibits, etc.

Factors that influences the cost of Structural Mezzanine Floors include: size, height, carrying capacity and specifications of the floor. Depending on the length and breadth of the mezzanine floor there could be a lot of wastage in the steel material, thereby increasing the cost, as the beams come in specific standard sizes.

This also applies to the height.

The required carrying capacity also influences the cost of the mezzanine floor as more weight means more steel e.g. a deck that needs to carry 300kg/m2 will be cheaper than a deck that requires to carry 700kg/m2.

On average the cost surrounding the construction of a floor is R1800/m2.


The steel staircases are manufactured to exact specifications. The angle of the staircase can vary from 35 to 45 degrees.

The handrails are made of galvanized steel for lasting quality and minimum wear. We also manufacture welded steel hand rails if you are looking for a specific design. For example you may want to fix signage to the hand rails so square tubing would work better than round tube. With our welded hand rails we can galvanize or enamel paint to your colour match.

For more info have a look at Staircases and Handrails

The main steel structure is primed with etch primer and then coated with a long-lasting high quality “Battleship grey” enamel. Other colours are available on request at a nominal extra cost.

Optional is to have the whole structure galvanized

A mezzanine floor is a steel structure that is elevated by columns of square tubing, mounted with Universal Bearer Beams and crossed with steel Lip Channel or steel IPE or timbr joists. The standard decking is a 21mm pine ply wood or a steel grid decking (the steel grid decking is more expensive than the timber decking)

For more info have a look at Mezzanine Floors.


If you intend to dismantle the mezzanine floor and relocate it in another location it is recommended that a bolted system is used as opposed to the welded system.

It is also easier to relocate a steel grid deck than a timber deck as the steel deck is bolted together where as the timber boards are screwed to the joists leaving holes in the timber deck that will be difficult to line up again during re-erection.

To meet the best safety regulations, each floor is issued with an engineer’s completion certificate.

Each floor is also graded and checked for its load carrying capacity, which can range from 200kg/m2 to 2000kg/m2.

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